Authenticity & Authority

The author has had direct involvement in, or close association with, the application and implementation of all elements of the approach herein described. In this sense the reader can be confident that what is presented is highly pragmatic and theoretically sound.

The perspective I bring to The Property Knowledge System is anchored in authenticity – I have personally experience, observed and studied everything that I write about – and authority. My Research and professional practice have been widely recognized by third parties.

Recognition of my research and professional practice has included:

  • Reviewed and published in scholarly journals, after editorial decisions of renowned editors and third party blind reviews;
  • Best Paper Awards some 13 times at meeting in both United States and Europe;
  • Retained and qualified as a testifying expert or consulting expert in 100+ high stakes legal matters;
  • Featured and profiled in media by discerning journalists;
  • Recognized as amongst the hundred individuals having the most impact real estate disciple in the 20th century — one of only two academics included, the other being the esteemed late good friend James Grasskamp, noted for having advocated having advanced a multi-disciplinary perspective for the property discipline;
  • Warner Bloomberg Award for Advancing a vision of business society premised upon social affixing social justice;
  • Best Paper Award for Best Paper published in journals; Several Publication in the special issues of Journal of Real Estate Research and California Management Review.
  • James Grasskamp Award for a single research contribution that had major impacts upon the property Discipline
  • International Real Estate Society Award for Achievement in global research

Prior to this writing I have authored 500 papers, articles, reviews and columns, some 20 plus books and edited five.  For several years I authored The Property Strategy column in Forbes.

My writing is anchored in a long, significant, impactful involvement in entrepreneurial invention and professional practice include:

Intellectual Foundation  

Beyond my academic study and research of every topic that is covered in The Property Knowledge System, I have had direct, significant, first person involvement in multiple aspects of each of the 16 knowledge domains and every subject of the 100 plus books that comprise The Property Knowledge System. Some of this work – such as providing marketing strategy services for Merrill Lynch Hubbard in launching a substantial real estate securities fund, which at the time was the largest IPO (Initial Public Offering) ever, and leading the team that determined the feasibility and designed the rating model for commercial mortgage securities that became the foundation of a trillion dollar plus financial market – is a matter of public record.

Many of the most significant matters are neither known publically nor can be discussed. No public record will be found of this work. Client confidentiality undertakings and NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) mandate that I not talk. Respecting these commitments and undertakings, I cannot and will not discuss this work.

That said, I have been honored to be retained by some of the savviest, most sophisticated property professional and investors.

  • foreign banks,
  • country’s sovereign wealth funds,
  • largest pension funds (both public states and large corporations),
  • substantial entrepreneurs (including those of the Forbes 400 list)
  • CEOs, directors, and executives of major corporations – including a number of Fortune 10 international institutions,
  • Wall Street firms – the most prominent and largest,
  • Largest and most influential institutional investors, and
  • Leading real estate market players in every sector.

My work as a strategic advisor to some of the most powerful players in property has been bookended by advising and counseling individuals, families, and small enterprises on their most personal, intimate property involvements. I have worked in every state in the United States of American, in most major metros and numerous counties. This work has involved considering the economic circumstances in every community, village and city.  In the course of this work I have tracked the evaluated investments in 100 plus countries, considered a universe of some 15,000 public companies, exceeding valuation of $5 trillion. This work has involved considering every major public and slumberous significant properties and development projects throughout the world.

Connecting Intellectual Foundation to Contents of PROPERTY FUNDAMENTALS and THE PROPERTY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM



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