Do students need to be really into STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — to get the message of Property Knowledge?

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Not at all.

Property Knowledge is written so that students of any background, including specifically those who are not particularly oriented to math or science, can readily grasp the message. We are confident that students will be both engaged and stretched by the ideas and concepts that they shall encounter in Property Knowledge.

Property Knowledge is readily accessible to all students, including those that are not drawn to STEM subjects. Research has shown that just 10% of high school graduates are interested in a college major or a career that involves STEM topics. Property Knowledge is written in a way that students without strong math backgrounds need not be off put or intimidated. The text does not shy away from math, but walks through the math in a clear and understandable way. At the same time, there are ways for those with analytic inclinations to pursue topics in more depth. But this inclination is not a requirement to learn and master this material.

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