How did you incorporate your extensive professional experience and entrepreneurial background in designing the structure of Property Knowledge?

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The nature of our work affords us an insider perspective that few could ever gain. In particular, because of our considerable work on major strategy assignments as well as litigation work, we have unparallel access to information that would be inaccessible to anyone who is not directly involved in those circumstances.

From interacting with numerous property organizations, their leadership, staff, professional advisors, directors, consultants, we had gained access to highly preparatory strategies, business models, and intellectual property. From that we have developed a fascinating collection of insights.

In the course of working closely with clients on these engagements to address their decisions and problems, we initiated analytics and discovery research, which we draw upon in Property Knowledge. Some of that significant original research has been published, many of these papers have been recognized as among the best papers to be presented at the American Real Estate Society meetings and also peer reviewed journals with those findings adapted directly into Property Knowledge. Additionally, we include a number of research studies, some for clients and some for our own knowledge advancement, which heretofore have not been published.

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