How is Property Knowledge structured?

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There are 16 subject “domains,” each of which has three to 10 primary sections, called books. Professors can select one, two, or all of the sections according to their interests. The number of domains was chosen to coordinate with the common schedule of classes over a 10-week time period, with two meetings per week. Research has shown that the structure is the most important element of a learning resource book, and of an information product. The structure frames how to think about the subject.

The 16 domains are divided into five volumes. The first volume, Property Fundamentals, distills the material from each domain into a single chapter.

A primary motivation in thinking about how to design the structure of Property Knowledge was the consideration than those who may interact with the property markets in some way necessarily do so from an integrated, combined perspective. Although one particular facet of this may be addressed at a particular point in time, that consideration must be connected to the larger whole. Emphasizing a more integrated, holistic, interdependent approach to the subject realistically reflects students’ real-life experiences of place and property.

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