Since you have had extensive experience working for the largest investors, interacting with some of the most significant properties, companies and portfolios in the world, is the orientation of Property Knowledge at such a high level that my students would not be able to connect with, or even understand, what is covered?

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Not at all.

The presentation is accessible to anyone who can read a newspaper. Yes, major scale topics and issues are covered, because many of the forces that shape these properties, property interests, portfolios and enterprises also shape all other properties and property interests. And, the techniques that are applicable at the larger scale transactions readily apply to smaller transactions.

At the same time, much of the presentation is oriented to a personal, relatable scale. So for every large transaction and involvement that is covered, discussed, and explored, a companion smaller-scale transaction is considered. As a case in point, in the section concerning compensation that might be realized from real estate ventures, the circumstances of how a broker might make a million dollar commission check are described. In the immediately following paragraphs, a more detailed coverage is devoted to a hard working broker who puts together a deal for which the commission check is $800.

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