There do not seem to be any sections purely devoted to law. Are legal aspects not much covered in this book?

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While no single domain or book is devoted to “legal aspects” of real estate, as is so prevalent in existing real estate principles textbooks, Property Knowledge covers legal factors as they relate to each subject, and therefore, much more comprehensively than do other principles texts. The treatment of legal factors in Property Knowledge is integrated, not separate. The majority of domains explore some legal aspects of that particular topic. The student needs to be aware there is virtually nothing that is done in the property markets that does not have some connection to legal considerations in one way or another.

An important distinction between the approach in Property Knowledge and what is done in other texts is that the latter tend to look purely at real estate law, with little or no consideration of the implications of corporate law, securities law, appraisal law, labor law, and the myriad of other aspects of law that property enterprises inevitably interact with.

In Property Knowledge more legal issues are covered than are generally encountered in other real estate textbooks with an emphasis on forces that influence legal issues, and to consider the consequences of the rules that govern property decisions.

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