What learning resources are provided to the students beyond the textbook?

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The textbook is available in:

  • electronic form
  • audio format 
  •  scrolling text version  

Additionally, summary videos will be provided.

A most important element of the learning package is the documents resource sourcebook. The pertinent documents — rules and regulations, leases and contracts, professional reports, plans and proposals, and more — are provided, organized, and linked to each domain and section of the book.

A collection of more than a 1,000 relevant Websites, geared to each domain and section of the book, shall also be provided.

A student learning guide summarizing key points and providing sample questions shall be available to students. It will include outlines of materials and review sections with integrated testing of concepts that must clear before going on to the next session.

All students will be provided membership in the Global Property Professional Society for two years following the course. Students completing the course with a designated level of accomplishment shall be awarded a Property Knowledge Honors Society certificate of recognition.

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