What teaching resources are available to support professors in using the Property Knowledge textbook?

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The support provided to professors includes:

  1. Alternative course outlines, depending upon emphasis desired and amount of homework favored. At least 20 different courses can be taught using Property Knowledge. The outlines and course summaries for these courses are on this website.
  2. Promotion campaign to help build class enrollments.
  3. PowerPoints for lectures.
  4. Text bank of 1,000+ questions. Sufficient numbers so professors can design quizzes about sections of the book, with many additional questions for exams.
  5. Access to Distinguished Property Lectures series, which can be used
    1. Within class
    2. Assigned as homework for students to review outside of class, or
    3. Made available broadly to the campus, encouraging students to participate in those programs as a supplement to their learning.
  6. Suggested exercises and projects geared for various segments of the text.
  7. Program with strategies and templates to assist creating a vertical real estate alumni association for your college or university.
  8. Research support from the community for your program.
  9. Program with strategies and templates to assist creating intern opportunities for your students.
  10. Teaching Mastermind: a monthly call to review major points and topics, share perspectives.
  11. Weekly call-in office hours with Dr. Roulac for your questions. This is accessible to all professors so they can learn from others’ questions and experiences. These shall be recorded and available on a proprietary Website section.
  12. Access to Right Place Journal and Reflections library, consisting of 4,000 entries, covering 2 million plus words, from spring 2001 through present. These are an extraordinary learning reference and research resource.
  13. Access to PlaceType, the innovative personality profile, essentially a Myers-Briggs of real estate, which will both fascinate your students and be a powerful adjunct to the learning process.

Access to Lessons Learned Library. The Lessons Learned Library captures insights derived from several decades of advising some of the most successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and public officials —representing diverse segments of the property discipline — on thousands of engagements, concerning every aspect of the property and investing markets in more than 100 countries.

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