A Big Marketing Problem

The real estate discipline — especially higher education —

has a marketing problem.

Fact: The best marketing is consumer centric NOT producer/supplier focus
Fact: Practitioners and textbooks emphasize a producer/supplier perspective rather than a consumer/user perspective.
Fact: Enrollments in higher education courses in that discipline reflect the marketing of that discipline.
Fact: Lagging real estate course enrollments reflect the disciplines’ marketing shortfall.
Fact: The fact that marketing, the stature of the real estate decline may be enhanced and class enrollments increased.
Fact: Enhanced stature for the discipline — more respect and more students — means more respect for real estate professors and the real estate discipline.
Fact: Property Fundamentals is based on the application of modern marketing principles to creating a distinctive learning resource, to support the distinction the discipline deserves.

The Property Knowledge System is Marketing in Action

Application Of The Primary P’s Of Marketing:

Product, Pricing, Packaging, Promotion, And Place

Marketing Principle Property Fundamental Feature Benefit
Product Coverage and presentation of real estate body of knowledge — both research-based and practice proven Students learn the reason why, plus applications. Models relevance and rigor,consistent with AESCBA dean’s
Pricing Very competitive price point – $199.99 is lower than single volume books, for six volumes Great bargain, fabulous value proposition. Once students have aken intro course, have book for many follow on elective courses; presents strong incentive to take more real estate courses.
Packaging Coffee-table art book production values: color/info graphics/cartoons reflect design excellence. Scale conveys importance. Visual is dominant sensory modality; how the vast majority of information is received and processed— thereby appealing to students. Remarkable book shall engage student’s interest and promote learning, endorsement.
Promotion Marketing promotion program to attract more students to your class, plus, realize favorable student ratings. More students in introductory class leads to many more students taking electives, choosing major/minor and going onto graduate school. More demand for real estate increases value of and rewards to real estate professors.
Place Explicitly covers connection of places and property to the marketing function. Students grasp business role of real estate in business.

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Get your free overview presentation of The Property Knowledge System

Complete the form below for your free 16 page color perspective describing the benefits of The Property Knowledge System.