Powerful Teaching Resources

When professors adopt this text they get access to easy-to-use, powerful teaching resources.

Teaching Resources

  • Alternative course outlines to reflect your interest and the priorities of your institution.
  • Promotion campaign to fill our class.
  • Video library for in-class use, homework assignments, and special projects.
  • PowerPoint for lectures.
  • Access to large question test bank, graded by sophistication and difficulty.
  • Access to proprietary property research service.
  • Real time supplements to textbook.
  • Contemporary insights and ideas.
  • Distinguished property lecture series. Use in class, assign as homework, make available to entire student body — bringing top property professionals to your school.
  • Teaching Mastermind — monthly call to collaborate and exchange insights with colleagues’ using Property Fundamentals for into/principle course and related advanced courses.
  • Outlines of Domain/Book/Chapter contents to guide course design and lecture presentation>
  • Numerous action learning exercises and projects geared for various segments of the text.
  • Strategies and templates to assist creating intern opportunities for your students.

Customize Your Courses

  • Property Fundamentals is designed so YOU can specify the content for your course the way YOU wish.
  • Choose topics and sequence for your personal course design
  • We prepare your course outlines
  • We customize electronic delivery
  • PowerPoint and test bank geared to your topics
  • In Property Fundamentals each of 16 Domains is covered in a summary succinct/clear manner so students get overview of entire topic
  • You choose which of the different books and sections in the books best accommodate your desires
  • Provides extraordinary flexibility in how to design and put together your course
  • When students buy their book for the introductory principles course, they receive the full five volumes of The Property Knowledge System — the Property Fundamentals for the first course plus for more value

Students Get Access To Powerful Learning Resources

  • Student Learning Guide: Practice Questions, Chapter/Domain/Book Outlines, Definitions
  • Comprehensive Property Fundamentals Virtual Resources Manuel 1,000s Regulation
  • Documents, Forms, Checklists, and Templates — keyed to each of the 16 Domains and 100+ books.
  • Contents available in audio format, for students who prefer listening to reading, or who wish to supplement reading with audio.
  • Property Fundamentals is also available in scrolling text version, allowing students to read the texts as pages scroll down on the screen, linked to audio.
  • Favored access to proprietary tutoring platform, enabled by powerful micro-consulitng • technology and supported by trained knowledgeable tutoring resources, qualified to interpret subject matter content and guide students’ mastery

Distinctive Add-On Learning Bonuses

  • Global Property Professional Association Membership
  • Certificate for superior course performance
  • Compete nationally and globally to win valuable prizes
  • Property Career Strategy Guide with insider tips to find right property jobs
  • Proprietary app connecting skills, interest, personality profile, PLACETYPE with automation invulnerable, good jobs in that person’s right place, place attributes and job opportunities.
  • Right Place Journal and Reflections library: 4,000 entries and 2,000,000 words.

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Benefits To Students and Professors of The Property Knowledge System and Property Fundamentals

Employability — getting a job
  • Proprietary app guides student to best fit between attributes interests objectives and job content/style/demand in future/obsolescence vulnerability
  • Relationships with direct connections — First Job (firstjob.com) millennials to to their first jobs
Finding your right place
  • PLACETYPE app enables learning your real estate personality profile
  • Leads to guidance re places to live/work/etc.
  • Access to powerful models that apply corporate site selection methodology to personal place choice decisions
Expands learning resources and professional development
  • Beyond textbook per se
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Global Property Professional Society
  • Connect with Students in other places, other countries
  • Connect with property professionals globally

Get your free overview presentation of The Property Knowledge System

Complete the form below for your free 16 page color perspective describing the benefits of The Property Knowledge System.