I love the book because it’s got a lot of very good easy to understand examples. It does a great job of trying to bring that industry alive for all of the folks that really need to understand how real estate interplays with everybody’s lives.

Property Fundamentals is well laid out. It’s got a unique aspect of being very colorful which clearly shows how important this asset class is in lots of different market places.
Elaine Worzola, Professor and Executive Director of the Carter Real Estate Center, College of Charleston

Very colorful presentations – has beautiful pictures – as with all of Stephen’s work has a very clear presentation, both in theory and practice.
Rick Peiser, Professor, Harvard University

..is just an extraordinary textbook that can be used in many ways with a price point that is unbelievable in this day and age when we try to keep the costs of textbooks down for students. We are really looking forward to using the Stephen Roulac textbook in our introductory class for our new minor in real estate development that will be offered to students across the campus starting this fall of 2015.
Margaret McFarland, Director, Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development, University of Maryland

..a well-organized text that is very conceptual and includes practical examples. His passion for the field and study of real estate are revealed throughout the text. Accordingly, I strongly recommended Property Fundamentals is adopted to introduce students to the study of real estate.
John Williams, Professor Emeritus and former Dean and Provost, Morehouse College

We firmly believe that real estate is about much more than finance and investment … So we really love what Stephen Roulac is doing in putting together all of the facets of real estate in one comprehensive work so you can choose what you want to teach in your classes. And it’s very interdisciplinary and comprehensive. So we love it.
Annette Kampf-Dern, Professor, Hafen City University

..a whole life approach to how real estate folds into your entire life, not only the economic impact but the impact on your family and the impact on culture.
Bruce Gordon, Professor, University of North Alabama

One of the things I am intrigued by with Stephen Roulac’s new book, is that it really is a system that is designed to accomplish many of the things that I’ve thought about, and tried to figure out ways to encourage my students to do for decades.

But I think it’s not much of a surprise that Steve would have done it this way. He has been a thought leader in real estate and in real estate education since I’ve known him, which is about 30 years now, I guess. And I’m looking forward to the opportunity to introduce this new approach to teaching introductory real estate course to our undergraduates.
Suzanne Cannon, Professor Emeritus and former Douglas and Cynthia Crocker Endowed Director of the Real Estate Center, DePaul University

I’m very excited about Property Fundamentals because it is … very relevant very useful … the only truly interdisciplinary and global context real estate textbook.
Stephen Pyhrr. Ph.D., Executive Director, American Real Estate Society, and formerly Professor, University of Texas, Austin

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