Teaching resources material available with Property Fundamentals and The Property Knowledge System meet the expectations of students, academic administration and prospective employers in highly engaging, very rewarding, and cognitive stimulating ways.


The presentation is modeled after a beautiful, coffee table style Art book: featuring info-graphics created by award-winning information architects, some 100 original cartoons, and high quality photographs.


Professors have access to diverse, broad, deep, comprehensive coverage of the property discipline through five volumes, twenty five hundred pages and over a million words … covering sixteen knowledge domains segmented into 100 “books” in The Property Knowledge System.
The diverse and engaging material captures student’s attention and stimulate the desires to be actively involved in the study and ultimate application of the material.


The presentation of the material is concurrently rigorous and relevant:

  • Rigorous

    by virtue of the level of content, which is adapted from the scholarly research literature, the author’s extensive writings – language individually has been recognized with awards of which body of work collectively has been acknowledged with numerous awards.

  • Relevant

    is reflected by the consideration that the presentation is peppered and chocked full with stories, examples, mini-case studies, personal perspectives. The material combines both the academic research and highly relevant material from contemporary issues, concerns and conflicts, drawn from the contemporary media including Financial Times, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, along with numerous other sources. Further, presentations are supplemented by the author’s deep, diverse, professional practice, explaining several decades involving some of the most significant issues of the day.


 As a professor you benefit by using Property Fundamentals and The Property Knowledge System because students will be more interested, more engaged in the subject, thereby making the teaching/learning process more rewarding and more enjoyable for all involved.

Because of these factors, professors can expect to achieve higher student ratings and positive feedback, which are beneficial in many ways. On this point, the author and publisher provide certain techniques which, if implemented, can lead to higher student ratings, than might otherwise not be achieved.


 More relevant classes with a single Textbook will appeal to students and increase enrollment to:

  • Introductory principles course
  • Electives beyond essential course
  • Real estate minors
  • Real estate majors
  • Graduate programs

with one textbook supporting multiple courses students realize a substantial savings…

After purchasing Property Fundamentals and The Property Knowledge System to support their first class, students have in their possession a collection of learning resources that can support multiple subsequent classes.
Several professors report their intention to design and offer multiple courses. The Property Knowledge System gives you the entire core sequence in a real estate minor, plus course offerings in graduate and continuing education programs.
The publisher will, on request, assist in getting more students enrolled in your class.
This marketing support, along with positive word of mouth and even stronger student ratings leading to increasing student enrollment shall lead to higher class enrollments.
You may find models and strategy resources presented in The Property Knowledge System are complementary to your research interests as well as your professional and entrepreneurial roles and involvements beyond the campus per se.
To this end, there is opportunity to be engaged in the Entrepreneurial Professor Program that builds off strategies Stephen Roulac has developed and employed in combining a scholarly academic career with entrepreneurial involvements, working globally in virtually every aspect of the property discipline.

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Get your free overview presentation of The Property Knowledge System

Complete the form below for your free 16 page color perspective describing the benefits of The Property Knowledge System.