The Property Knowledge System

Broader, expansive and an inclusive, approach to a real estate textbook that integrates topics, provides extensive student resources, and accommodates the various ways in which instructors might wish to combine topics, is the way to have real estate, in its broadest terms, become an accepted and important part of undergraduate education. Written and designed for all students, including those who have not already chosen a real estate career.


Distinctive, visually engaging design with high-quality production values appeals to visual learning orientation, especially for Millenials:

      • Reflects majesty, magnitude, glamour, beauty of the topic
      • Five volumes — each ”14 x 10”
      • 16 Knowledge Domains — 100 books
      • 2,500 pages
      • Distinctive, highly differentiated design
      • Full color  art book
      • Large scale and comprehensive
      • 100+ original cartoons
      • 1,000s of pictures and images
      • Infographics by world class designers
      • Applies distinctive Information Architecture



The Property Knowledge System (TPKS)

      • Unprecedented comprehensive coverage of the real estate body of knowledge
      • Professors can employ established course structure — or their own curriculum
      • TPKS is designed to be used in many ways:
      • Primary textbooks for intro courses and advanced electives
      • Supplemental learning resources for course employing another book as primary text
      • Can cover fall program of minor/major/elective courses

Considers Many Points of View

      • Inclusive — Big Tent — Multi-perspective, covering all functions and players, global and local
      • Interdisciplinary
      • Integral — not silos orientation
      • Graaskampian, multidisciplinary + finance/ numbers + built environment emphasis
      • Meaning and purpose plus profit-seeking and wealth maximization
      • Community combined with capitalistic self-interest
      • Social policy linked to liberation autonomy and freedom
      • Concerns/responsibility


Consider Multiple Property Roles

      • Consumer of property goods and services
      • Decision-maker responsible for the enterprises work-place and customers market
      • Developer engaged in making the built environment
      • Investor whose decisions concerned capital commitment, property resources and property services
      • Person considering career options in various aspects of the property discipline


High Academic Standards

      • Comparable to expectations and sophistication of courses offered in world class research university
      • Promotes critical thinking
      • Conceptual — policy, methodology, multi-cultural
      • Reasons why and also how to
      • Rigorous and relevant
      • Science and art
      • Convention and ancient wisdom traditions


Technologically Contemporary

      • Print and/or digital
      • Flexible: Customize your course presentation
      • Powerful search functionality
      • Multiple media modes: static text; specified page scroll, text, audio


Extraordinary Value For Money

      • Very affordable price point: $200 for five volumes: 2,500 pages of high art book production values
      • Unprecedented value proposition
      • Textbook investment supports multiple courses
      • TPKS volumes can be used for many courses
      • Significant student savings on test textbook costs
      • Motivates students to take electives and multiple courses beyond intro real estate principles

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Get your free overview presentation of The Property Knowledge System

Complete the form below for your free 16 page color perspective describing the benefits of The Property Knowledge System.